Kolanuts.ng is Simplifying the Cinema Experience For Nigerians


How many time have you visited the cinema and the movies currently showing isn’t just the kind you were looking forward to? It happens a lot. Many times, we end up going from cinema to cinema looking for movies that’s just perfect for us.

If you’re tired of this, then you should probably try out Kolanuts.ng, an app that aggregates data from Nigerian cinemas – what’s showing, what it’s about, where it’s showing, and what time it’s showing.

The service was launched on the 8th of September 2016, and also has an added feature that shows ratings from movie aggregation and review platforms IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

Kolanuts.ng aggregates data from cinemas in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt,and categorises details by movie and cinema. So, rather than going to different cinema sites to decide what movies are showing, and what time they are, the platform allows you to pick a movie and decide what cinema and what time to watch it, or you can pick a cinema and decide what movie to watch and what time to watch it.

Another interesting feature of Kolanuts is the ‘watchlist’. Watchlist lets you add movies that are not yet in cinemas to your list, and it notifies you when the added movies are out in cinemas.

You can also localise the content that appears on your feed. That is, you won’t be seeing Abuja cinemas if you set your location to Lagos, and so on. Locations can be changed in the settings page, though, so you can change that if you switch cities or something.

Kolanuts is not the first cinema info aggregator app, but even with a competitor, the service is still not very popular in Nigeria. Not withstanding, it’s a great idea for the cinema industry, as there’s been no startup catering to cinema lovers, enabling them buy movies tickets, or ideas that can make their movie going experience more seamless.