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Why You Should Buy LG’s Door-in-Door Refrigerator

by Shiko Gathoni
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LGs’s Door-in-Door refrigerator was launched in Kenya in March targeting premium users and the growing middle class and business consumers especially those in need of massive storage capabilities.

The over 600 liter capacity refrigerator is called door-in-door because it’s shelves are built into the first set of doors and can open on their own minus one opening the fridge’s main doors. These shelves gives the refrigerator more capacity in addition to the main fridge compartment.

With a price range of between Sh110,000 to Sh240,000, the Door-In-Door preserves food for longer periods as its design ensures 59 per cent of cold air is retained during opening of its compartments hence build to increase efficiency, save energy and ensure maximum energy savings via its Inverter Linear Compressor.

The Door-in-Door fridge also has LG’s patented slim insulation technology to increase storage capacity and LG’s Nature FRESH system to keep foods fresher for longer periods unlike traditional fridges. The Fresh Balancer ensures optimal humidity and temperature levels for certain foods while its Pure N Fresh feature allows for constant air purification and circulation like in a human respiratory system.

It also comes with an external water and ice dispenser which means users don’t have to spend more money on them individually. The door-in-door refrigerator also come with dual evaporative cooling technology, thereby extending food and drink freshness by maintaining optimal humidity levels.

In summary, the door-in-door refrigerator allows ease of access of foods and drinks in external compartments as a user needs not to open the fridge’s real doors to access food. Apart from convenience, the outer compartment also ensures safety especially for users with toddlers and kids and ensure energy savings with its Eco LED Lighting and Inverter Linear Compressor.

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