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Gaanstart Wants to Help Unemployed Nigerians Gain Employability Skills

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The rate of unemployment in Nigeria still remains very high. Every year, millions of Nigerians leave school and end up remaining at home for years without jobs. Many have argued that there are only a few jobs in Nigeria, while some also make the case that so many graduates are unemployable.

Both views are very valid, and cannot be dismissed. While efforts are being made to create more jobs and reduce unemployment, no thought has gone into the other cause of unemployment, which is the lack of employability skills among many graduates.

Gaanstart has decided to pay attention to the unemployed, by helping to provide employability skills.

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Gaanstart is a social enterprise aimed at tackling widespread youth employability in Nigeria by using online videos to teach employability skills to graduates and undergraduates in Nigerian Universities.

The platform is a paid service and students pay N3,000 ($7.00) per year to access over 50 courses. Courses are taught by entrepreneurs and employers of labour.

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Founders of Gaanstart are however still seeking funds to make the platform more friendly and usable for visitors. There’s no doubt that once all has been put in place on the platform, there’s no doubt it’ll be beneficial to the unemployed market and Nigeria as a whole.

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