Sunday, August 14, 2022
Sunday, August 14, 2022
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This Startup Allows you to Order Customised Souvenirs

by Christie Uzebu
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Nigerians have over the years gotten used to the tradition of distributing souvenirs at any point in time. From being gifts at events – birthday parties, graduation ceremonies and even burials, to serving as a form of marketing for companies, souvenirs have found its way into every kind of activity we carry out.

When it comes purchasing these souvenirs, there’s the challenge of being able to get the exact kind of item you want. Many times, the process is usually buying an item from any market and finding the nearest local printer to print your desired text on it.

But, Suvenia wants you to enable you order personalised sourvenirs.

The platform sells custom t-shirts, personalized gifts for occasions, mugs, posters & art, and many more to the public, and further allows customers to create their own individualized products.

In addition to its offering, individuals can also buy branded merchandise from local or international brands they love. This involves crowdsourcing a massive array of designs from a community of independent influencers.

According to the founders, “by removing the risk of bringing product ideas to life, we believe we can empower millions of people to celebrate their uniqueness. will allow thousands make meaningful profits to support their hobbies, families, and benefit their communities”.

So, if you have a gift idea in mind, and just haven’t fond any product that look like that, you can head to and bring it to life.

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