Replacing the new Samsung Galaxy S8+’s screen will cost an arm and a leg.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an amazing device. It has a deservedly high price tag and that amount is even higher once you factor in the repairs you might need to do on it with time. Sure Samsung did their best to make it withstand the abuse of daily life but sometimes people get unlucky and the device lets you down. The Gorilla Glass 5 that makes the front and back of the Galaxy S8/S8+ is currently the hardest protective glass in the market, in fact only a handful of models have it, Samsung owns part of Corning -the company that manufacturers the glass- so they get a sort of exclusivity on every new iteration.

In case you fall into the unfortunate encounter of having your screen break, it will cost you dearly. $250 is the figure that is being quoted to have the bigger S8+ Infinity Display replaced. Am sure replacing that of the smaller S8 won’t be cheap either considering last year’s Galaxy S7 Edge repair cost $200. To put it into perspective, $250 (KES 25,000) is a third of the device’s recommended selling price, if you get the screen replaced 3 or more times, you might have as well bought another Galaxy S8 altogether.

Needless to say, users will need to be extra cautious with handling their shiny new S8. As we noted in our quick hands on, the device feels really fragile, the smooth glass on the back and front is very slippery. You can slap a case on the device, which will end up covering all the beauty. However, there are clear cases that will not hide the attractive design but you will no longer feel the wonderful pebble like curved edges on your hand, it is a small price to pay in the end. Alternatively, you can opt for phone insurance; they will repair your phone and even replace it in case of theft.