Star Times Digital TV Review; the future proof Jack of all trades in home entertainment


StarTimes, a leading Pay-TV operator in Africa recently launched their Digital TVs in Kenya; four TVs sizes in total to cover all types of consumers. What makes the TVs so unique is that they have a built- in Digital Receiver so you do not need to buy a decoder to watch satellite TV channels.

Fresh off, the TVs are made of LED display which is synonymous with rich color rendering and deep blacks. Red and green colors truly ‘pop’, the kind of contrast that you cannot find in regular LCD TVs.  In case you want a different mix of contrast, you have 4 modes at your disposal, the same goes for audio profiles thanks to 360 degree sound and Dolby tuning. The display, especially of the 42” and the 40” ,has very small bezels, up to 5mm thin around the screen, it creates the illusion that the action is happening right there in your living room getting you fully immersed.

In addition, the display is 60% more efficient in energy use than standard TVs. That means that it is not only Eco-friendly but also keeps your electric bill low. It is able to keep the consumption to a minimum while still having a resolution that is high and practical, the 42” and the 40” come in Full HD resolution which strikes a good balance between the picture sharpness and efficient power consumption. The other two smaller sizes, the 32” and 24” , go with 720p HD resolution.

As you can see, both resolutions are capable of HD content which is great since you get several HD channels Free to Air. In fact, there are over 100 free channels, add that to the 1 month free subscription from the good guys at StarTimes for the Super Bouquet which is usually a paid package. Both terrestrial and satellite channels are available on the StarTimes Digital TVs. Now that the receiver is built into the TV, you only need one remote to control the whole set. No more hustle of dealing with two remotes, or having a living room full of cables and socket extensions.

Traditionally, whenever the TV industry comes up with a new feature, customers need to buy new TVs to experience the upgrades, well, with this new Digital TVs, all you need is to upgrade your software and you are instantly in tune with the future if you buy the 42” or the 40”. A flash disk slot on the right of the TV is specifically meant for OS upgrades, so buying a StarTimes Digital TV right now will give you peace of mind for years to come, you will stay abreast with all software advancements in the TV world without having to buy a new set, thus saving you lots of money and efficiently making it future proof.

You do not have to worry about that right-side slot being dedicated to upgrades only, there is an extra USB slot on the left side for general multimedia uses, two HDMI ports for your HD content broadcasting and a headphone jack for audio purposes.

If any of these of these parts need repairs, StarTimes has you sorted for 12 months. The warranty not only covers workmanship fee but also replacement of parts. Not every manufacturers out there is this generous with repairs, it can only mean one thing: the company has very high confidence with the TV and its build.

In terms of pricing, just like every other StarTimes product, the company strives for affordability. The 24” goes for Kshs. 18,900, the 32” costs Kshs. 25,499, the 40” costs Kshs. 38,900 and lastly the 42” pricing is yet to be announced, but judging with the way the other models cost, it will be equally affordable.  All of them are marketed as plug and watch, that is, installation is straight forward. This TV realizes the StarTimes belief that , “ the convenient accessibility and affordability of StarTimes’ Digital TV and services promote the equality of people, especially the public in Africa, to have information and entertainment. Star Times strives for Africans’ equal right of information and opportunity.”