Farmlink Seeks to Connect and Empower Farmers in Kenya


Farmlink is a project by Mitahato Education Development Fund, a community based organization working with smallholder farmers at the grassroots on 1/4 acre Teaching Farm Model to address sustainable livelihood and income generation. Farmlink Kenya offers smallholder farmers the most needed real time information to take their agro-enterprises to the next level.

FarmLINK incorporates diverse features to suit both advanced and remote farmers. With internet connection, farmers can access all features of the portal. Offline, famers can access real time information through the SMS platform at their SMS centre. FarmLINK attempts to provide an on-line, agricultural information hub that is comprehensive, up to date and interactive with farmers. Biodata collected during registration and over use period will profile farmers and enable the platform to automatically redirect them based on their enterprise, interests and region.

Farm LINK also provides farmers with specific agricultural information relating to: farm inputs, water management, financial services for farmers by banks and microfinance institutions, private & government extension services, linkage to agricultural training programs, weather forecast and market linkage. Farm LINK  offers farmer to farmer and farmer to expert interactions within the platform through a call centre, SMS, chatrooms, live classes online and webinars.

Previous innovations by Farmlink include a motorcycle-operated water pump that could be used for smallholder irrigation. With one litre of petrol, the pump connected to the engine of a motorcycle, can push 40,000 litres of water to a height of 50 meters. With a flow rate of 40 cubic meters and quick assembling, the pump can be attached to a motorcycle to operate a sprinkler or push water from a well into a storage tank for use in drip irrigation. This innovation proved to be a huge attraction at trade fairs and other agricultural exhibitions, particularly for vegetable farmers.

With various tools to help farmers throughout Kenya, Farmlink is worth a look here.