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Cover Cloud Creates a Unique Ambience with your Personality in Mind Using Music

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The rapid increase in number of hotels, restaurants , spas and gyms within the pan-Africa community has consequently resulted to stiff competition. This has resulted to the dominant players within this industry to opt for a better way to maintain there competitiveness. This simply means food and amenities is no more a competitive advantage as traditionally was, rather visitors experience is what gives competitive edge to this dominant players, And that is what has encouraged the huge spend on ambience by high end players of hospitality industry.

Cover cloud,  founded by Luke Dennis, leverages this unexploited opportunity by creatively providing a state of art, intelligent web platform with a huge database of unique and contemporary music that you never hear on your local station which is carefully selected to fit within your personality and business strategies then curated in a way that observes time in order to create an optimum unique experience to visitors and employees at a premise.

The platform has the following distinct features:

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• A feature that assist you to setup music stream relevant to the demography of your visitors.

• A feature that assist in aligning music stream with your space design and deco.

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• A feature that helps set up the music stream to unconsciously influence your visitors decisions.

• A feature that facilitates accommodation of business strategies to be enhanced by the streamed music, among many others.

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You might want to increase sales or influence purchasing power of your clients. The ambient music leverages proved music psychology facts to unconsciously influence your target clients behavior helping you achieve your desired manipulation of behavior. A good example is how the platforms classical music has been proved to influence clients purchasing power by enhancing an up class effect to your visitors.

Probably your just tired of the monotonous music played on the local station or the common music streaming subscriptions which doesn’t fit to the kind of services your offering at your space and your in need of a large database of music that exactly fits to your service and space and yet maintain non-monotony and cool effect .

Their ambient music ensures that their large database of ambient music curated for you is relevant to your business and works hand in hand with your personality and business strategies.

For more information click here.

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