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Simbibot is helping Nigerian students prepare for UTME examinations

by Emmanuel Temidayo
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The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is the a compulsory examination for all Nigerian secondary school students, if they are interested in getting admissions into any tertiary institution in the country. Failing this examination is a common thing here, it is a nightmare many school students don’t wish to experience.

Early preparation for this examination is vital to getting  good grades in it. But getting adequate preparation is a struggle and a tug of war for many students. “I am a living witness “.

This is why Abdulazeez Ogunjobi (CEO) and Sodeeq Elusoji (CTO) founded Simbibot to help students end the nightmare they face in preparation for the examination.

SimbiBot is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help students prepare for UTME and post UTME examinations.
Simbibot makes use of the Facebook chatbot to create an interactive environment where students can prepare for examinations by making use of past questions and solutions provided to them.
Making use of the Simbibot platform is very easy as there is no requirements for registration and all the user is required to do is to click on the get started button which will lead them to the facebook messenger page where they begin learning.

The Co-founder claims that Simbibot to stand out amidst other learning platforms as it boasts of a quick response and an interactive bot which also offers study tips and guides to students on their course of study.

According to the CEO, Ogunjobi AbdulAzeez, “SimbiBot was created because we have realized that students prefer to learn and practice in an environment they are most comfortable in. Chatting with a bot to prepare for exam is an unprecedented solution.”
There other platforms in Nigeria offering similar services including, passnownow, testdriller, exammate, gethighscore.

Simbibot claims it is offering better and mouth watering services.
Aside helping their clients study past questions, Simbibot has other interesting features and services to help students.

They claim to have over 8000 UTME past questions for students to practice from.
They have a countdown timer for students during test sessions.
SimbiBot gives you tips and advice about the course the student want to study.
Clients are no required to signup,your facebook profile is all you need.
It’s very affordable, At 10% of the cost of purchasing a UTME hard copy past questions.
You might want to visit Simbibot today, to get prepared for your UTME examinations.

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