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Naijaeasyfix Wants to Help You Hire the Services of Artisans

by Christie Uzebu
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The search for artisans to help with domestic work and fixes around the house can be challenging, and seeing that demand for this is on the increase, a lot of startups have recently been launched to address the need.

Part of the lot is Naijaeasyfix. The platform was launched by Nicholas Dunu in September 2015 to connect users to artisans offering various services, including Plumbers, Electricians, Electrical Engineers, Carpenters, Furniture Makers, Aluminum Carpenters, Tilers, Screeders, Painters, Welders, Metal workers, Cleaners, POP & Ceiling workers,

Artisans sign up on the platform, and for users to access them, they register and search for artisans based on their location and service needed. Unique about Naijaeasyfix is the fact that users can view profiles of artisans and contact them directly. They are also able to rate an artisan based on work done, and make it easier for the next user to hire the best artisan.

According to the founder, “we are a growing online community of Building & Interior Artisans and Professionals that intends to bridge the Information gap between Users/Clients and Building Construction workers by creating an online platform where Artisans and Professional Building workers can be sourced by their vocation, Skill level and location. Everyday, we strive to make finding domestic artisans and workmen in Nigeria as easy as the click of a button.”

With millions of Nigerians making use of the service of artisans every single day, startups that have chosen to focus on this industry are solving real problems, and in no time, would contribute to the expansion of Nigeria’s repair service industry.

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