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Instagram introduces Archive feature,interestingly, you don’t need to update to access it. 

The archive feature is best known for emails, Gmail, for instance, let’s you hide away emails that you don’t want to delete. WhatsApp also has an archive feature and it’s brother Instagram is now joining in.

The app has been testing the functionality for a while with just a few pilot users but it now seems like it’s time to release it to the public. However, this feature is unlike the other instagram updates; apparently, if you already have the latest version installed, you won’t be required to update your app again, the archive features will just show up.

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To access it, you simply tap the options icon, that is, the three small dots on the top right corner of each photo posted. On the options menu the archive feature will appear as the first one on the list. Tapping this feature will hide the photo from your timeline. This means, the photo will only be visible to you in the archive folder.

In case you change your mind and want to return the photo on your timeline, you simply go to the archive folder by pressing the “rewind” icon in the top right corner of your Profile page, and ‘unarchive’ it.

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This update comes after Instagram introduced a new Collections feature which- like Pinterest – let’s you organize photos in different folders such as ‘vacation ideas’, ‘food recipes’ etc. You need to also use a good Instagram name hey. The social network keep finding more places to keep your photos apart from the usual timeline and we applaud the updates.

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