SkaraBrand Launches to be Nigeria’s Online Store for Furniture


Before now, furniture shopping in Nigeria was all about visiting the shop of a furniture maker in your neighbourhood, providing details of your preferred furniture design, and then waiting for days for he/she to make what you requested. Sometimes, if you’re lucky to see already made furnitures which you love in these shops, you just go for it. It’s also challenging to transport really large furnitures.

This is what SkaraBrand wants to attend to, and it’s set to change the way we shop for furniture.

SkaraBrand is a curated online furniture retailer offering affordable, contemporary, house-hold furniture to Nigerians.

From Sofas & Chairs to Table & TV Stands, Beds & Bedsides and Storage, the platform offers a wide range of Furniture & Home Décor items.

All products are said to be made-in-Nigeria, SkaraBrand also claims that furniture offered are made from locally sourced high quality raw materials, designed and hand crafted by Nigerians, cutting across all design styles at affordable price points, without compromising on quality.

Launched by Raymond Umeh in February 2015, SkaraBrand has a goal to disrupt the traditional furniture industry and become the market leader by creating innovative products and a customer-centric approach to customer-service.

According to the founder, “the furniture industry in Nigeria is highly fragmented, grossly undersupplied. We built to fill this void, by providing an online catalogue where Nigeria’s rapidly growing internet savvy consumer class can review, select and buy a wide variety of affordable, quality furniture and home décor items conveniently, while experiencing superb customer service”.

Skarabrand is the first of its kind in this industry, and with furniture being a need in every Nigerian home, the startup has a potential to scale up and be go-to place for furniture shoppers in Nigeria.