Wash.and.Carry is Providing on-Demand Mobile Car Wash and Laundry Services


A lot of solutions are being provided to meet the needs of busy professionals who barely have time to carry out tasks that are outside their careers. We’ve seen home-made food delivery service, laundry service, errand services and a number of others. But one task which does seem like it cannot easily be performed for busy professionals is car wash.

With the way it works, if you must get your car washed, you have to drive to a nearby car wash centre. But Wash.and.Carry seems to be changing the rule with its mobile car wash service.

Cofounded by Rilwan Akeyewale and Olajide Ayinla, Wash.and.Carry was launched on May 1 2017 to provide on-demand mobile car wash and laundry services to clients in Lagos.

Inspired by the busy lifestyle of most working-class people in Lagos, who barely have the time for their car cleaning and detailing, the startup is set to solve this challenge by affording clients the opportunities to access their services without having to leave their work desks.

Wash.and.Carry offers pick-up and drop-off dry-cleaning services, with and without ironing. They pick up your laundry at any location of your choice and return your clean clothes to any location you wish. For car wash, the team washes and details your car at your convenience – office car park, home or at lunch.

To get car wash or laundry service, clients make requests via the mobile app, website or through a phone call. Upon their request, they are matched with the closest valet from the team of professional valets, who contacts the client immediately.

Although, there are other startups offering laundry services, including pick-up and delivery, the Wash.and.Carry team peg their competitive edge on quality service delivery, value and easy accessibility.