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Agricbase Wants to be a Social Media and Online Marketplace for Agriculture

If you’re an Agriculture enthusiasts, professional or own an agro-business, and you’ve been seeking an opportunity to be interact with a team of like-minds,, a hub for agribusiness and the go place for Agric enthusiast. has been launched to give you that.

Founded by Shola Onoriemu in February 2017, Agricbase is a social media, business directory, knowledge repository for information related to agriculture and marketplace for Nigeria’s Agro-Professionals, Agro-business companies and individuals.

Through the platform professionals, service providers, can obtain and exchange ideas, information, products, and services related to agriculture. It also connects buyers within and across Nigeria to suppliers of various agric products, including – machinery and equipment, farm inputs, farm products, fish products, horticulture, processed food/bevearage products and many more.

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The Agricbase platform includes individual/corporate professional profile page (micro website), products, discussions pages, guides from professionals, news, market analysis, weather forecast, and TV. Through these, they aim to create a platform like a virtual computer village, where Nigerians can get any information on agriculture or contact seller for agriculture input products and services.

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