PeerZux Wants to Help You Monetize and Manage Your Social Media Pages


Keeping tabs on social media along with a busy schedule doesn’t comes easy. Even with apps that enable you schedule posts, growth and engagement is usually not possible without adequate attention. This is why many busy entrepreneurs outsource the role to social media managers.

But guess what? There’s now an app that’ll not only help you manage your fan pages, but also monetize it.

Launched in January 2013 by Henry Azubuike, PeerZux is a social media content aggregation and brand marketing application.
From posting on your behalf, to helping to drive engagement, PeerZux promises to  handle all your social media hassles. The platform offers multiple opportunities for creating and posting content that’s guaranteed to get viewed, shared, liked and re-shared.
With its EngagedShare feature, it pulls up unique recently trending content from all over the web based on your settings and the KeyWords/Tag you select, then posts them to your Fanpage(s).
Through the Fan Alert feature of the PeerZux Tab on your fanpage, your fans get an alert each time a new content is posted, thereby guaranteeing views, clicks & shares on every post.
Users can add unlimited amount of Facebook Pages and set them all to be managed by the PeerZux app. According to the team, “you’ll never need to log into Facebook to add content to your Fan Pages again—posting and scheduling is handled within the dashboard.”

For Facebook marketers, PeerZux promises to be the fastest way to get fans and build massive brand engagement. For brands, it promises to be the fastest way to reach targeted audience and make a Brand Statement.

What’s more? With the PeerZux Ad Platform, you can buy Nigerian Facebook inventory targeted by Cities and States. This, according to team is currently not available on Facebook Ad Platform or on any of Facebook’s third party ad partners.

To use the platform, simply connect your Facebook profile, install the PeerZux tab on your Facebook Page(s), carry out all required settings, then leave the app to work and focus on other important stuff. PeerZux also promises that the content engine will never post to your personal Facebook account directly, and posts on your pages will only be as directed by you.
How your pages are monetized? The team claims that revenue is generated on every engaged visit to the PeerZux Tab. The app currently runs on only Facebook, with plans to include other social networks soon.