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Daktari Pap Links Farmers to Crop And Veterinary Aid for Their Farming Needs

Every day millions of poor farmers in Africa struggle to access better crop and veterinary care for their livestock and crops. Daktari Pap, founded by Samuel Munguti is a mobile, web and SMS technology platform linking farmers and agro dealers to certified and reliable livestock, crop and insurance service providers to prevent current and future crop/livestock health challenges which contribute to huge losses.

38 million people in Kenya have mobile phones, and about 88% of the population use mobile phones to do their everyday banking and conduct other business, the same can be used to benefit those in need of crop and veterinary care.

Access to veterinary doctors, agronomists and insurance agents are instantly available to farmers. They connect farmers to vetted and certified crop and livestock service providers, and use the latest data analysis and mobile technology to quickly and easily connect farmers with reliable service providers.

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As a farmer when your cow, sheep, goat or crops are infected by disease or pests, you wouldn’t want to wait several days for a veterinarian or agronomist to come. Using the DaktariPap application, you will immediately get connected to a certified service provider who will attend to you in the Farm within one hour or less.

Once they receive a request from a farmer they immediately process it and send it to the closest service provider via their mobile platform. The vet or agronomist receives the request and has the opportunity to review it and accept it. Once accepted, the service provider visits the farmer within one hour or less.

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In addition, farmers may benefit from information on good agriculture practices, crop/livestock pests and diseases through the platform.

For more information click here .

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