LiquidSpace is the WallStreet of Coworking Hubs


Chris Ros, always felt that proclaiming to be an entrepreneur is probably the easiest part of being an entrepreneur. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. He had always loved the idea of being the innovative creator of a great business, but the fear of failure has kept him on the sidelines for most of his life. He eventually felt ready and got into the game.

He became the founder of LiquidSpace, a benchmark setting collaborative workspace or coworking space that provides independent online traders in financial markets a high-energy, resource-rich, success-promoting environment to come and apply their trading skills in financial markets within a community of like-minded traders. This collaborative working style fosters partnership, learning and communial success in a way that no trader will ever achieve when trading from a comfort-of-home environment. At LiquidSpace, every aspect has been taken care of; from lightning fast optic fibre internet, online financial news service, printing, training and best of all coffee.

The global market for independent online traders has seen significant growth over the last five years. Based in Cape Town, LiquidSpace will hold 88 physical spaces, requiring a mere 2% share of the localized Cape Town market to achieve capacity. The coworking memberships constitute but one of their revenue streams. The other revenue streams include commissions paid to them by trading brokers with whom they partner in terms of the volume of trades of clients that they refer to them. They have mentorship moments and training courses. The last three revenue streams are aimed at a significant global market of traders.

They are initially offering 40% equity for the investment of R 7 500 000 into their venture. It is imperative for a potential investor to understand that the equity offered does not only apply to Their pilot space based in Cape Town, but the investor will receive 40% of the annual profits of the entire operation. Their long-term plan includes the establishment of LiquidSpace branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Durban.

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