techAboki Launches To Provide On-Demand Gadget Repair Service


The repair service industry is one that remains high in demand. This fact is why it seems to be growing continuously.

Previously, it was all about going in search of repairmen to fix faulty devices. But all that is changing, as startups keep springing up, offering repair services and eliminating the stress that comes with searching for repairmen.

techAboki is part of this growing number of online repair service providers.

Launched by George Alonge, the platform is an on demand gadget repair service that connects people needing repair services with trusted technicians in their neighbourhoorhood.

To use the platform, clients book for a gadget fix on the website or via the mobile app, then the techAboki team sends a quote for their fix. Users can either pay online for this services or select the pay on delivery option.

According to founder, technicians listed on the platform undergo before they begin to revive jobs.

With the repair service industry coming to take their place online and becoming popular in the tech space, techAboki has competitors to deal.

We’ve seen a number of startups offering same service, but techAboki banks on convenience, affordability (discount on fixes book via the platform) and low risks (refund when necessary) as their selling edge.