RIP to Opera Max, the data saving app gets discontinued.


Opera is a company best known for its Opera Mini browser. The browser is not only light weight but it is popular for its data saving features. In line with this lean data objective, the company had come up with an ambitious app that aimed to compress all the data coming into your phone from other apps and services to make them more data friendly. It achieved this by passing the data through their servers where it gets compressed and reaches your phone at smaller sizes hence saving your internet bundles. So if a user is streaming a clip while having Opera Max turned on, he or she will use less data than a person streaming the same video without using this data compression app. So why would the company discontinue such a helpful service?

In a blog post, they stated that the app had a “substantially different value proposition than our browser products, and represented a different focus for Opera.”

The company will now focus on its browsers and other upcoming apps. At the moment, there isn’t an app at the Play store that can replace the system wide data compression that Opera Max offered. For those who still have the app installed, you have a couple of days to enjoy it before the company shuts it down on the server side. The company will inform the users before that date comes.