Gigfisher is Connecting Freelancers to Clients


For small businesses still trying to save cost and grow, they turn to freelancers for some tasks, instead of hiring full-time staff that would require payment on a monthly basis. The number of freelancers on the other hand keeps going, as technology is giving more people opportunity to offer their services from a remote location.

Gigfisher was launched to give project owners and freelancers a platform to connect and collaborate.

Launched in February 2017 by Joseph Ogbonnaya, the platform serves as a marketplace where people in need of services such as web development, designs, sales, marketing and more could connect with those who have the skills.

According to Gigfisher, “whether you need one writer or an entire team of programmers, we help you find the right experts to fuel your success. Our freelancing website connects talented freelancer with creative people, genius entrepreneurs, and savvy businesses. No more limits!”

To use the platform, project owners post details about projects that need attention, then Gigfisher matches them with the right freelancers.

Project owners can then browse profiles, reviews, and proposal, interview top candidates, hire a favourite and begin their project.

According to the founder, “we aim at becoming a top-of-the-mind brand for anyone who has a project whether mini and/or macro ranging from basic everyday projects like getting a plumber fix your tap, designing a logo or even making your hair this weekend to design/programming a website, writing a copy, producing a jingle etc.”

Although, there are a number of online platforms offering same service as Gigfisher, including and, the founder is quite confident that Gigfisher has what it takes to dominate the space.