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Related Posts is Connecting Learners to Expert Tutors is an educational technology platform that helps learners find expert tutors near them.

The platform also provides wide range of preparatory test questions & answers to help the learners master subjects and skills on the go.

For the tutors, ExtraClass gives them an opportunity to put their knowledge and experiences are to work, earning them extra cash.

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“We don’t just help you get an expert tutor near you, we ensure that you assimilate all that you were taught by providing you with an intelligent and robust Test Prep solution. From English to Mathematics to many others; all past questions & answers are accurate and updated.”

Through the platform, Learners are able to browse through hundreds of tutors with expertise in over 100 subjects, courses and skills, sort by category and location, view the profile of tutors, watch their videos, read reviews about them and book their services directly by sending a message on the platform or contacting them via phone/email.

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ExtraClass also assures that tutors are carefully examined and scrutinized to ensure they are qualified to give expert tutoring service on their chosen subject.

At the same time, learners can review tutors to share their experience and give other learners an insight that’ll  enable them make the best decision when looking out for a tutor.

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Educational technology platforms keep growing in number, as a number of startups have launched in the last few years to offer tutoring services. There’s Tuteria, PrepClass,, and a host of others.

With a lot of competition for ExtraClass, we only wonder how the team would innovate to set it apart from others, and in turn dominate the space.

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