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Askafrika Want to be the Quora of Africa

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Everyday single day, people have issues and questions on their minds. From the very personal ones, to the really simple, and extremely difficult. The Internet has opened up an avenue where we can ask questions anonymously and get answers without feeling shy or worrying about of what others would think.

Asides using search engines like Google, there are a number of forums that make this happen, enabling us get live answers from real people. Askafrika has joined this list to attend to questions throbbing your mind.

To provide a seamless way of sharing information, Kazeem Omoniyi and Abdullah Olaniyan launched Askafrika on January 1, 2017. The platform adopts the question and answer approach to information sharing, and aims to be the one stop platform for gathering reliable information in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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According to the team, “it is expected to be a go-to site for information that may be used. For example, a question concerning the cost of farm produce like onions can reliably be answered by a merchant in the North or someone really involved in the business.”

An interesting feature available on Askafrika is upvote and downvote, like what obtains on Quora, to give users the ability to vote on responses to questions. This, according to the team would make it easier for administrators to pull down answers that have negative votings.

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The Askafrika team recognises Nairaland as their biggest competitor, but are not shaken, as they intend to cover the entire African audience, not just Nigeria.

The team also reveal that the startup is still a work in progress, and they are looking out for investments that’ll help cover marketing costs, reach their target market more effectively and gain traction.

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