Monday, August 8, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
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Corpa Launches to Meet the Needs of Corp Members in Nigeria

by Christie Uzebu
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If you’re a Nigerian who has gone through the compulsory 1year National Youth Service, you’ll totally relate to how stressful it can be. From getting prepared for the stressful 3weeks camp, to getting a place of primary assignment, where you’d serve for one year.

Corpa was launched by Emmanuel Akpe in June 2017 to be a one stop point for the needs of corps members, and aims to solve the pressing challenges corps members face before, during, and after their service year.

This, it plans to make possible through Corpashop, Corpahomes, Corpatravel, Corpajobs, Corpanews, Corpaforum, Corpamarket and Corpamap.

Through these features, Corps members can purchase camp kits, get accommodation, book transport options, get extra jobs, get quality news, interact on the forum, sell and buy properties used during service year and get directions to navigate through their newly posted states by the aid of a map.

According to the Corpa team, they have a mission is to ensure a stress-free service year and beyond.

Although the Corpa’s website seem like a work in progress, it’ll sure be a great solution once fully implemented. The services promised be highly useful to the millions of Nigerians that have to deal with the struggles that comes with serving their fatherland.

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