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Kenyans: Buy the Infinix Note 4? Or wait for the Note 4 Pro? Here’s what we think

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The Infinix Note 4 arrived in Kenya some weeks ago and while the Nigerian Infinix lovers have had a feel of the Infinix Note 4 Pro, Kenyans will have to wait for some couple of hours as the Infinix Note 4 Pro launches on Monday, 28 August, 2017.

The Infinix Note 4 successes the 6 inch beast, the Infinix Note 3 and trust Infinix as a mobile brand – a lot of changes were brought on board.

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Upon seeing teasers of the Note 4 Pro, major Infinix hard-core fans who have love for what they have seen on the Note 4 are now caught in between the “Buy the Note 4 or wait for the Note 4 Pro” web. That’s absolutely normal and the points below are there to help you make your purchasing decision.

1. Not a heavy smartphone user? Go ahead, the Note 4 is a good buy

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Considering that one of the major catch-spec of the upcoming Note 4 Pro is an increase in RAM size to 3 GB, it gives the impression that the Note 4 Pro was specifically made for frequent smartphone users and gamers. And if you are not any of the two, the Note 4’s 2 GB RAM is enough.

But if you are, then a 48 hour wait for the Note 4 Pro is all you need.

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2. Poor electricity supply? Wait for the Note 4 Pro

If you are always on the phone, on the move, a traveler or you live in an area of Kenya where there isn’t constant electricity supply, the Note 4 Pro’s 4,500 mAh battery capacity will do much more than the Note 4’s 4,300 mAh. Trust me, 200 mAh can make a difference.

3. A Writer, Journalist or your job involves note taking? Then do not buy the Note 4

As we have seen from the many video teaser and images, the Infinix Note 4 Pro will come with the X-PEN. This is Infinix first device that will feature a stylus pen and we think if you are a writer, a student, a journalist, a manager or you work at a place where you have to take note of a lot of things, the Note 4 Pro is best suited for you; and a 48 hours wait (or less) would not hurt.

4. Just want to take beautiful pictures and selfies? The Note 4 is what we advise

Are you the type that’s all about the camera in a device? Then just walk right into any gadget store and buy the Infinix Note 4. Why? The Note 4 and Note 4 Pro have the same camera quality and it wouldn’t agree with the rule of logic to wait 48 hours to buy the same camera at a more expensive amount, right?

The Infinix Note 4 was available for purchase on Jumia early July but this time, the Note 4 Pro will exclusively launch on Kilimall.

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