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WhatsApp to introduce verified business accounts denoted by green ticks like on Facebook

by Dennis Mathu
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According to a new beta version of WhatsApp, a new feature will be unveiled to confirm accounts belonging to businesses. A company will have a chance to legitimize its WhatsApp presence and communications by verifying its identity. Once cleared, the account will have a green tick next to its WhatsApp name, the same way Facebook does, similar to Twitters blue tick badge.

You might be wondering what will happen if you already have a business account contact saved on your phone with a custom name, will the name change to the official title? Well, according to the information provided via the WABetaInfo ( a website that tracks WhatsApp’s Beta updates)if a business contact was already saved by the user, the name used will remain as is, only the green tick will appear next to it. Moreover, upon clicking on the profile of that business account, you will find details of the company written in a similar green color. The details will include the business location, help desk contacts and other important links.

In addition, conversations with a verified business will be in form of yellow colored messages. These texts will not be erasable by the user. We assume this delete-restriction has been imposed to maintain the integrity of the communications in case an issue arises and references need to be made.

As a side note, there was a rumor that WhatsApp removed the $1 per year subscription fee from regular users in favor of charging business for their accounts. Now with this upcoming update, this rumor seems to be gaining some traction.

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