Diaspersnmum Launches to be an eCommerce Platform for Mothers and Babies


Founded by Ben Oche, Diapersnmum is an ecommerce store that caters for women and their children, offering beauty and wellness products.

According to the founder, “our platform provides women in all stages of life the opportunity to get their beauty, care and wellness products at affordable prices. We also carry products for babies and children. So in essence, its one stop shop for women.”

Diapersnmum offers a rewards program to customers, that enables them earn points as they shop. In the long run, these accumulated points can then be used to to make make more purchases on the platform.

The founder revealed that access to a variety of products, customer focus and internal focus are the core values and stand out points of the one-year-old startup.

With a lot of ecommerce platforms in Nigeria, many of which are struggling to make a name, creating a niche has become the best way to differentiate yourself and be relevant, just like Ben Oche has done. Having big competitors like Jumia and Konga, we can’t wait to see how this works for Diapersnmum.