PayPass Wants to Allow You Buy and Sell Event Tickets Online


The events industry in Nigeria is one of the biggest and fastest growing. Every day of the week, there are people either organising events or in search of events to attend.

While events organisers go out of their way to promote their events and make sales from event tickets, attendees always seek easy ways to purchase event tickets without hassles. PayPass wants to be the go-to platform for this.

Launched by Funsho Olaniyi and Joshua Igba, the online platform is aimed at making events ticketing easy.

To buy event tickets, users simply select from a range of events, choose event ticket type and then go ahead to make payment. For those looking to organise an event, they simply create an account on the platform, specify event details, ticket type and any other necessary details to go live on the platform.

PayPass makes it possible for users to hire and/or add promoters to their events. Also, through an SMS feature integrated into the platform, event organisers can send SMS messages to all their attendees with a single click right from their event panel.

According to the founders, also in development is a feature that will allow individuals invite other users to help sell tickets via a unique link, and returns will be paid directly to the marketer. The founders believe this will help them to penetrate the market.

PayPass is not alone in this space as it competes against the likes of EventBrite and AriyaTickets. The team however claims that their better user experience and lower rates would help them remain competitive in the market.