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If the iPhone 8 looks like this, then it is somewhat disappointing. Don’t you think?

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This design prototype may make you hate the upcoming iPhone 8.

Just when we were all getting psyched up about the upcoming iPhone 8, this image showing how the iPhone 8 may look like is really a vibe killer.

A new image leak that surfaced on the internet shows what seem to be a prototype of the soon-to-be-launched iPhone 8 and most likely what Apple will officially unveil to the world in few days time – but I hope and pray it isn’t.

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The leaked photo shows only the rear view of a rectangular device carrying the Apple’s logo. There’s an iPhone inscription at the bottom of the device and since we have never seen this before, it tells us only one thing – this may be one of the 3 iPhones that Apple will unveil this month. But all finger points towards the device in the image being the iPhone 8.

Particularly weird and awkward is the fingerprint scanner that was mounted on the rear right below the Apple logo. Given that never has Apple for once placed the fingerprint scanner on the rear, it is surprising to see that the iPhone 8 may come with this feature.

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However, if previous rumours and predictions that Apple plans to have a very minimal screen-to-body ratio and replace fingerprint unlock with facial unlock on the iPhone 8 are considered, then the possibility of a fingerprint sensor on the back of the upcoming iPhone flagship is very high.

The iPhone 8 is the smartphone that Apple intends using to celebrate the 10th year birthday (anniversary so to speak) of the iPhone. The official launch date has been fixed to September 12 and would take place at the large Steve Job theatre with 1,000 seat capacity at the new Apple campus.

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The iPhone 8 is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition, has a speculated selling price range between $1,000 to $1,200 but in my opinion, if the iPhone 8 would have this not-so-appealing aesthetic and jam-packed rear, it really would be disappointing despite all the hype and buzz surrounding the iPhone 8.

Anyway, this may and may not be the iPhone 8 as it is a leak and from an unconfirmed source. In the meantime, let’s keep our hands crossed and hope for a better iPhone 8.

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