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This Nigerian Startup is Making it Easy for Filmmakers to Find Filming Locations

Each time a new movie is released, we all get excited, and head to the nearest cinema showing it. But, before great movies come to life, filmmakers face tons and tons of challenges. One of the most notable is hunting for filming location. This is one task that’s both stressful and time-consuming, but wants to make it easy.

The platform is online marketplace that connects filmmakers to suitable locations for TV, commercial, movies, music video and photography projects.

Film Locations is similar to a property listing platform, only difference is these properties are available for film-makers who want to shoot a movie.

To use the platform users simply search the Film Location database that contains various types of locations; from high-end apartments, old abandoned factories to street side shops. They are also able to make a request in cases when they do not find their desired location on the platform.

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Through the platform, they can connect with an agent associated with any property of their interest, who will book the order, prepare the locations and take care paper works. Property owners make their properties available for film makers by listing them on the platform.

According to the founders, to ensure a hitch free filming process, they claim to manage the process end to end and save filmmakers time and money, make it easy for owners to monetize their properties and ensure proper inventory before and after shoot.

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Being innovative is the only way forward for a market like the real estate, which has become saturated with a lot of property listing platforms. This is what Film Location has successful done, and it sure has a potential of being a go to place for film makers around Nigeria.

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