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Galaxy S9: Samsung to bring world’s first 1000fps slo-mo phone camera.

Sony built a camera that can shoot an amazing 960 frames per second (fps) super slow motion videos for its Xperia XZ line. The cameras are already being used by last year’s XZ Premium and the new XZ1 series. A new rumor suggests that Samsung plans to counter them by pushing the frames to 4-digit numbers.

To make this kind of high fps possible, Sony had a triple-stacked layer camera which incorporated a dedicated memory module. The module stored all the complex calculations needed to achieve the high fps without tasking the main phone’s processor to avoid overheating and slowing down the device. Samsung uses the same approach, but instead uses two-stacked layers and a memory module. The issue with the Sony camera is that it only records at 960fps for only a few milli-seconds bursts at a time instead of a continuous stable slo-mo video. We hope Samsung has a better implementation than that.

Dennis Mathu
Dennis Mathu
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