Prepa is Helping High School Students Prepare for Exams


For students looking for the most effective ways to prepare for external exams, and to the reduce the rate of failure recorded yearly in WAEC and JAMB, Prepa was launched to give students that much needed preparation.

The platform is a mobile/web socio-learning and e-testing platform that creates a common platform for knowledge and idea sharing between students and high quality teachers.

As a supplement to classroom coaching, the platform aims to boost students’ confidence/preparation level for their University examination.

It looks to reducing the failure rate at secondary school level by providing students with access to over 30,000 Past Questions and Answers with detailed explanation and also creating a community for the students to connect with high quality instructors.

Students can also track their progress as they practice using the Prepa Performance Analysis Tools. Through this, they are able to know their strength and weaknesses, and prepare adequately.

Prepa also provides educational information such as tips and admission processes.

With technology, more and more edtech startups like Prepa are springing up, making education cheaper and better. These efforts are highly laudable, and it won’t be surprising if technology turns out to be that solution that would transform and improve the quality of education in Africa.