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Seven (7) power quotes from Nigerian tech startup founders

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Not denying the fact that you would need the best guidance available for your startup to succeed, we have compiled some quotes for your use. This is just for a start. Stay with us.


Onyeka Akumah, co-founder and CEO of Farmcrowdy in a chat with TechMoran talks on keeping good relationships with people around you, he says,

It’s always good to keep good relationships and leave a good impression with people you’ve worked it. One day, you may need them and your relationship currency may be all you can trade with….


On the fact that there are more important factors than money, Imole Oluyemi, a co-founder at had this to say.

Money should not be your first motivation, knowledge and experience should. Always place people and experiences above money.


Truly truly, your team is a very important factor in your startup. It could make or mar the progress of your venture. Little wonder Joshua Chibueze, co-founder Sharphire stressed this in his chat with TechMoran.

Assemble a great team and you have solved more than 80% of your problem.


Sophia Ike-onu, founder and CEO the5kshop, is one woman who is an inspiration for many others. In this interview with her, she leaves some very great insights about entrepreneurship. Here’s one below…

If you believe entrepreneurship is for you and you think your business is solving a problem, draw up a plan , know your target market, seek out the right connections.


In very simple terms, Akinola Falomo who founded Devcenter – a community for African developers – tells how young software developers and startup founders can get started.

Look for, and follow the signal, and ignore the noise.


You want to leverage technology to make a difference in any sector? You would do well to heed to this one by Bola Lawal of ScholarX. He’s making a difference in the education sector, using technology of course.

Create easily distributed content that can reach and help everyday people who may not be tech savvy.


Lastly, and very recently too, TechMoran had a chat with Mark Essien, founder and CEO of As you would expect, there’s a great quote you could hold on to here, Read below…

Validate your business very early. Do not build a business then go find a market. You find a market first then you can build a business.

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