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Xiaomi joins Apple and Samsung in the Qi Wireless Power consortium

by Dennis Mathu
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When wireless charging was invented, leading technology companies that planned to use it came together to form a standard that would guide them forward. Among the companies included heavyweight like Samsung and LG; together with other players, they formed Qi (pronounced as ‘chee’ like in cheese), a Wireless Power Consortium.  Apple later joined in and there first implementation can be seen in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. There are similar groups for common technologies like USB and Bluetooth.

Xiaomi is the newest entrant to the group. Evidence of this move was found on the Consortium members’ page. People have already started speculating that Xiaomi will have wireless charging feature in the upcoming Mi 7 flagship.

The company has been known to bring leading technological advancements to the masses for cheap. For instance, they have a drone that goes for below $400 while competitors have starting prices that are double that amount; same case goes for smart home products. Xiaomi also debuted the full screen display technology that is now becoming standard, the first phone to have it was the Mi Mix , which just recently got its successor launched.

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