Sunday, August 14, 2022
Sunday, August 14, 2022
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AfriLabs takes seven more hubs under its wings

by Susan Mwenesi
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Seven new tech hub members have joined AfriLabs  in a move that is expected to increase the AfriLabs footprint in Africa.

AfriLabs is a network of 60 plus technology and innovation hubs across Africa. It has grown steadily since launching in 2011 to cover 27 African countries.

“We are beyond ecstatic about AfriLabs expanding its network. We look forward to carrying out more projects with our partners and members across Africa to support these hubs and the startups, entrepreneurs and innovators in their communities achieve even greater impact. We look forward to a orderless and advanced Africa and members of our network collaborating to make this dream a reality,” said Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director at AfriLabs. The new member hubs are:

 1.GE Garage, Nigeria-GE Garage

General Electric created the garages programs to reinvigorate America’s interest in invention, innovation and manufacturing. The fully fabrication lab in Lagos, Nigeria is found at the GE headquarters serving the region.

2.Ecolia Labs, Cameroon

According to their website , Ecolia Labs is ECOLIA Labs aims to stimulate and support technological innovation by promoting the entrepreneurship of young people and women in Cameroon and Africa

It is an ecosystem that combines :

  • A project incubator : to support the project leaders in the creation, viability and sustainability of their startups.
  • 2.A Fablab : to train disadvantaged young Cameroonians, in a situation of dropping out of school or just graduated, to the professions of digital manufacture and their uses in the fields of crafts, carpentry, electronics, energy , Environment, health and informatics;
  • A coworking space: to encourage collective emulation and catalyze innovation and technological entrepreneurship in Cameroon.

3.Kumasi Hive

Kumasi Hive is a collaborative makerspace offering access to tools, technology, & business support for innovators in Ghana. The innovation hub also supports makers and entrepreneurs in Ghana to quickly prototype their ideas and develop products that can be brought to market.

4.iRise Hub

iRise Hub is the first community-based innovation hub in Mogadishu, Somalia.

“We are a physical platform space for entrepreneurs, innovators, techies, and startups, to share ideas, connect and collaborate with each other. We offer highly skilled mentors, advisors and a pool of tech talent. ”

“We are an ecosystem that offers resources needed by entrepreneurs and startups, and a launching pad for innovative and creative ideas. Our services ranges from co-working space,incubation,skill and knowledge transfer.  We offer our members access to our innovative hub where they can design,develop, build and collaborate their ideas with like-minded individuals, ” read a excerpt on their website.

5.aLabs, Sierra Leone

iDT labs leverages technology to build and scale solutions to social issues in Sierra Leone

6. CTID (Centre de Technologie, d’Innovation pour le Developement) Djibouti

CTID works to accompany the bearers of innovative projects through trainingadvice , research of funding with the aim of  helping them to  create their businesses .

 7.Centre d’innovation de Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The Centre d’innovation de Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) works to promote the activities of the innovation center of Lubumbashi. Its mission is to participate in the development of smarter, more competitive cities in the DRC.



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