OPPO F3’s successor, the F5, leaks with a Full Screen Display. Here’s why it isn’t the F4


OPPO made a name for itself with the self –proclaimed OPPO F3 selfie expert. The device was a pleasure to use, as we noted on our detailed review, especially its dual selfie camera. After its success in the market, it was logical that OPPO would have a successor for it. However, we never thought it would come so soon.

In posters being spread in the Philippines, the OPPO F5 has made its first appearance. It has the phrase “Capture the real you” and below that we have the iconic name “Selfie Expert”. The posters have already revealed a black and a red paint job. It still has a single camera and a flash at the back but it is unclear whether the dual selfie shooter will make a comeback.

There have been rumors that the device will be OPPO’s first full screen device. It will have a resolution of 2880*1440 and an aspect ratio of 18:9 like the LG V30. The display will grow from 5.5 of the F3 to 6 inches

The leak also reveals that OPPO is planning to open a new store at Manila, the capital of Philippines. We wouldn’t be surprised if the company opens the store on the same day it launches the F5. Unfortunately that day was not mentioned.

If you are wondering why there isn’t the F4, it is because the number 4 is associated with bad luck in China. It’s pronunciation is similar to the Chinese word for death.  It is the same reason there was no One Plus 4 (it was labelled as 3T) and probably why we never got an OPPO Find 4.