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Features that changed the way we use smartphones

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Who remembers the days when there were no phones in existence at all? When all that was used for communication back then were merely letters sent and received through post offices and also the fax machine. Then came the mobile phone. But still, all we could use our phones for was just to receive and make calls.

Years later, our phones became “smart”, many thanks to technology which made it possible to things way do beyond making and receiving calls or text messages. Things like snapping pictures, surfing the internet, downloading multimedia, playing console games and many more. This is 2017, the 17th year of the 21st century and the smartphone world have witnessed so many revolutionary changes that have made it possible to do the “unbelievable” with our devices. Let’s have a look at some of those changes below.

Fingerprint sensor

These days, the presence of absence of the fingerprint scanner on a smartphone is one feature that determines if a buyer purchases a device or not. Back then, about two decades ago biometric scanners were only found on doors and vaults of tops industries and financial institution.

Now, almost all smartphone out there has a fingerprint scanner and a smartphone manufacturer would have to think twice before releasing a device without a fingerprint sensor. The introduction of fingerprint scanners serves the purpose of additional security to smartphone users asides the earlier conventional and less secure pin, pattern and password.

Since no individual have the same fingerprint pattern (not even identical twin), the use of the fingerprint as a device unlock option brings relief to smartphone users knowing that no one aside them, can have access to vital information on their device. Likewise, not only is the fingerprint scanner used as an unlock mechanism, it can be used for verification process and purchase confirmation when buying goods or paying for a purchase online. Smartphone Giants like Samsung (in Samsung Pay) and Apple (Touch ID on iTunes) have adopted the fingerprint as a verification pass/ method during purchase on their platform.

Dual camera

The introduction of two camera sensors  embodiment in smartphones have likewise changed how we use our devices. One camera sensor with nice megapixels quality gave pretty impressive photo and image results, now having two sensors on a device? What would you expect? Absolutely beauty I’d say.

The introduction of dual camera gives images shot by a smartphone more focus, better clarity and separation, and more realistic 3D-like effects on photos. In fact, some photographers have opted for dual camera smartphones with top quality sensors in the place of professional cameras to shoot images. For example, sometimes back in February this year 2017, the cover photo of Billboard’s February edition magazine was shot with an iPhone 7 Plus phone with dual camera. Now you see what I’m saying. This is yet another smartphone feature that have changed how we use our smartphone, for more productive uses.

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