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The one iPhone X problem Apple can’t seem to solve confirms that no system is absolutely secure

Spoiler alert: … it has to do with the Face ID technology

Seem we would never stop hearing new developments concerning Apple’s latest device, the iPhone X; particularly the Face ID technology. Well, that isn’t surprising. You would all agree that new innovations always seem to generate a great deal of attention as there are always criticism, complaint and even misconceptions.

It wasn’t long ago that we wrote about some Android devices that features the Facial recognition security system and could serve as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone X. Not too long after, we cleared some misconceptions hovering around the iPhone X Face ID technology. Nullifying the misconceptions made it seem like everything was right with the Face ID, but it isn’t. There seem to be one problem that is bigger than Apple Inc; the possibility of the Face ID system malfunctioning in the case of “Twins”.

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Back to when the iPhone X was announced, the above tweet gained a lot of attention on Twitter and got more than twenty-one thousand retweets. Though many took it as “just another iPhone X joke or meme”, little did they know that the “Twin” problem was, in reality, giving Apple migraine. It still is.

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“The probability of a false match is different for twins and siblings
that look like you as well as among children under the age of 13, because their distinct facial features may not have fully developed. If you’re concerned about
this, we recommend using a pass code to authenticate.”

While I was perusing the Face ID guide and I read up to the “we recommend using a pass code” part, something dawned on me – Apple have exhausted all possible trials to solve the “Twin unlock” flaw (as I love to call it) but failed, hence, the recommendation of alternative and more secure unlock method.

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The Face ID technology was Apple’s shot at trying out another security option and really, it is super cool. But like they say “A diamond with a flaw is better than a pebble without imperfections”, the Face ID security system to me, is better than any other security option; probably because I don’t have a twin.

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