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Nigerian errand company, Erranders makes the best use of technology for prompt delivery, with Adeolu Adenuga, CEO

Are you too busy to run errands? Or you’re too lazy for them? Maybe you don’t just feel like running them at all. Do you feel you need someone on standby that’d just be helping with errands only? This is what this ilorin based company, Erranders is tackling, with tech. And No, they didn’t create robots to run your errands, YET.

Erranders is a platform that allows users to let other people run their errands for them. Individuals, groups of people and corporate bodies can all book someone from their platform to run their errands. Their mission, according to their website is to “provide customers with innovative and high quality errand services with the most effective solution and alternatives to their needs and wants.” They also want to be the leading online errand service provider in Nigeria.

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The company run all kinds of errands; from helping people to pick packages from garages and car parks, to helping customers to buy food from desired food vendors, and many more.

TechMoran chats with the founder of Erranders, Oba Adeolu Adenuga as he shares his own story. How and why he started Erranders, what he did before then, how well they have grown, challenges faced and many more. Enjoy the short interview.

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Tell us, in a few words about yourself

My name is Oba Adeolu Adenuga, the CEO of Erranders, a native of Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun State. I’m an entrepreneur

What prompted the launch of Erranders?

Erranders is a divine idea that was conceived by wife and I….We want to ease people of their stress…. Even though I started doing it unknowingly as far back as 2011 in Lagos.

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How do you mean “doing it unknowingly”?

I was managing people’s time and events. Thereby taking stress off them. I didn’t know I would start a company that will be doing that later in life. Facebook actually reminded me about 4months ago of a post I wrote in 2011 about it.

So how have you been able to use technology to enhance this business?

This business is 100% technology based. Using technology to enhance the business starts from the use of cell phones, functional website and other applications. We monitor our erranders with technology, just to be sure that they deliver promptly. Just to keep to our words.

How well has Erranders grown since you started out?

Well, when we started it was a bit bumpy because we were introducing a novel idea. But to the glory of God, things are getting better by the day.


What has been the greatest challenge you have faced, and how did you deal with it?

The greatest challenge was convincing people to patronize the concept.
How did we deal with it? It was a collective effort of the entire team guided by God.

Presently, on a daily basis, what is the average number of errands you run?

On a daily basis, we run a lot of errands. On a scale of 1-10, I will say 7.

Tell us about your competitors, if any.

It’s a very large and unsaturated market.

So you don’t have any competitors yet?

There are competitors but we are operating with different concepts. So that differs our target market.

Which cities in the country are you currently present and what are your expansion plans?

Our expansion plan is in the pipeline.

In 5 years, how big do you imagine Erranders to be?

As big as the dream we conceived. Look out for us.

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Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses
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