11 premium shows that will appear first and only on Showmax


Showmax has been a trend setter in many aspects, first capable contender on video-on-demand and first to have an affordable data plan for African online show streamers on Kenya’s Safaricom network just to name a few.

Showmax is more than just different. It’s like the cute and rich chick you have always wanted but feel inadequate to strike a conversation with. She’s always dropped at school in a dream car, she has a new pair of shoes everyday. The examples she gives in class are not only brilliant but out of this world and she is always the best in the class. A real life example of beauty brains and riches compared to your soleless 18-month-old shoes and fading uniform you bought at the local store and you are so poor and not brilliant enough so you always avoid eye contact.

To keep her standards and even go a notch higher, Showmax has signed up more premium and exclusive content not found anywhere else. Showmax is not only the only the first place you can find the shows but its the only one at the moment, globally. Some of the award winning shows include our favorites like Mr. Robot , Channel Zero among others, here’s the full list.

Mr Robot Sn 3

Where Elliot (the main character) a super computer hacker continues with his mission of bringing an end to the worlds debt by destroying E Corp, the largest conglomerate on earth. Unfortunately, he has to simultaneously fight his own demons as his multiple personalities grow stronger and he can’t figure out which one to trust.

Fell like you have been here before? Dejavu!!!

Channel zero Season 1 

This horror is set in a strange town of Candle Cove where a child psychologist returns to determine if his brother’s disappearance is somehow connected to a series of similar incidents and a bizarre children’s television show that aired at the same time. Fan fact-you are advised not to watch alone.

Younger Season 1-4

This is a series created by the team behind Sex and the City. It’s about Liza Miller, a 40 year old divorced lady who acts like a 26 year old to fit in at a publishing job which is only reserved for 20-something employees. She gets a 26 year old boyfriend who thinks they are about the same age. Watch as she tries to make the lie work at the publishing firm and in her relationship while keeping all of it away from her daughter who is in her mid-twenties.


Watch as Tom Hardy fights for his only inheritance, which Americans, the Crown and the Indians want. The show is set in 1814 London after the end of the War of 1812. Hardy wants to rebuild his father’s shipping empire and at the same time safe guard the 14 diamond pieces he inherited from him, his enemies, however, want to stop him at any cost.


The show takes you to the 18th century London to the story of two rival brothel owners, Lydia and Margaret. The two fight to get their brothels to serve the high society but the religious crusaders are against it, a decision that conflicts with the constables who are too happy to send brutal raids their way. It is set in a time when women in London only had two choices, to marry well or to work in brothels.


Watch as a young boy Pharaoh called Tutankhamun, rise to power and lead Egypt to glory. His closest advisors, friends and lovers continuously scheme to suit their own interests. Many other influential people want the leadership position for their own at whatever cost.

Rectify sn 1-4

Watch a deathrow, Daniel Holden, released after two decades of wrongful imprisonment. He had been accused of rapping and murdering a 16-year old, Hanna. After his release, he tries to fit in the society to attempt to start a ‘normal life ” but he is unwanted. The series follows subsequent adjustments and events in the lives of Daniel, his extended family, and the townsfolk . The show has gotten 100% rating on rotten tomatoes. Catch all 4 seasons only on Showmax

The Young Pope

Get a behind the scenes show of the first American Pope, Pius XIII, as he tries to take over the Vatican. The other Vatican leaders find the Pope to be mysterious and contradictory. The Pope makes little effort to have them on his side and makes matters worse by choosing a nun from the U.S to be his advisor as he leads the billions of Vatican followers. The show got two Emmy nominations this year, for cinematography and production design so you know that you are in for a real treat.

Kingdom Season 1-3

Watch as a family of fighters battle the demons that come with running a gym and winning on the ring. Alvey, owner of the gym, has two sons; Nate and Jay (who is a recovering drug addict). Alvey wants an ex-convict and MMA fighter called Ryan to go back and compete on the ring to boost the publicity of the gym. However, Alvey’s wife -Lisa- who used to be engaged to Ryan, is opposed to it. At the same time, Christina, Alvey’s enstranged wife, who is a drug addict and a prostitute keeps coming back to their lives. With such complex backgrounds, this show has something for all people even those that are not MMA fans.


A spin off of Dr Who about teenagers who study at Coat Hill Academy; they have to lead a normal life which includes school work, friends , parents, sex and heartbreaks amidst time traveling brought along by The Doctor. Walls of space are growing weaker due to time travel and monsters are planning to break into the earth and bring chaos. The 6 teenagers have to make sure the world remains a safe place.

The Frankenstein Chronicles

Watch as John Marlott (Sean Bean) investigate the case of a psychopathic murderer who tries to reanimate his victims. The cop is set on his path to find Frankenstein after uncovering a corpse made up of body parts from eight missing children. You are advised not to watch this alone.