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iPhone X still photography gets the highest rating of any phone ever- DxO

DxO mark, the photography ranking website has had quite a busy couple of months lately. All major smartphone companies have been battling to produce the device that will best capture your upcoming holiday moments. The top spots in the ranking have been changing hands almost every other week. Now that the iPhone X is out in the stores, it got its chance in the rigorous camera tests and here’s how it shifted the rankings.

A few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 made headlines for being the first phone to hit 100 points in still photography. With a score of 101, the new iPhone X is now the reigning champ in photo capture. The camera gurus at DxO praised the device for its very good exposure and accurate colors in all lighting conditions as well as good detail with and without zoom plus natural-looking bokehs (AKA portrait mode pictures). Perhaps the performance in the latter part could be attributed to the new “Portrait Lighting” feature that was introduced with the X, it simulates studio lighting to make the faces of subjects appear brighter and more natural.

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On to videos, the iPhone X was not able to reach the rare 100 mark, instead it got 89. The combined overall score was 97, this makes it tie with the newly launched Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Despite such a high overall rating, the iPhone X was beaten by the Google Pixel 2 which holds the first place with an overall score of 98. It is very impressive that Google Pixel 2 achieved the number one spot with a single rear camera; all other devices in the top 5 have dual shooters. Also, DxO mark team helped fine tune the Pixel 2 camera so maybe that propelled it to the top spot as well.

The iPhone X managed to beat its two sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus which scored 94 (a tie with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8) and the smaller iPhone 8 got 92. We are glad to see the device has good things going for it despite some bad initial publicity.

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