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iCare Launches to enable Nigerians access healthcare services online

by Emmanuel Temidayo
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There are thousands of medical practitioners and healthcare centres all over Nigeria. But the major problem patients face in most healthcare centres is getting medical help as quick as possible. This is so because most medical centres have so many patients they attend to.

Icare, an online platform that help patients book for doctors and other health service providers around their neighborhood has launched to help users especially during an emergency to contact doctors.

Founded by Nwachukwu Christian, iCare aims to connect patients to healthcare providers for consultation and other medical treatments making access to healthcare professionals a very easy process.

According to the Nwachukwu, “Information and access to information is very vital to sustain good health and reduce mortality rate. Our aim is to achieve this goal by bridging the information gap via the platform, where a prospective healthcare seeker can interact with a qualified healthcare personnel from the comfort of a home, office, remotely, and thereby eliminating distance as a barrier.” also aims to solve the cost of getting healthcare in Nigeria by listing all the affordable healthcare providers and healthcare seekers nearest to the patient. The patients quickly register, subscribe to a plan or quickly book an appointment to see the physician.

The firm aims to give increased access to quality healthcare facilities and healthcare providers as for most of them getting to see a doctor takes hours and in some cases days. Also vising a hospital doesn’t guarantee attention by the medical personnel due to queues.

Some of the platforms iCare Nigeria is competing with include Doctoora, Mediserve, Mediosa, Doctorsofficeng, 1dokita.

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