On-demand nanny platform Omugwo launches to connect nursing mothers with nannies and care givers in Nigeria

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Nigerian mothers can relate to the kind of stress that comes with giving birth to and taking care of a new born, especially at the infancy stage.

It’s a norm in Nigeria for lactating mothers to turn to their own mothers around during this period to help with taking care of and raising the child. But in a situation where the lactating mother has lost her mother, the job of taking care of the child at infant stage becomes extremely frustrating.

Founded by Ahiakwo Ugochukwu, Omugwo is an online platform that connects child care givers and nannies to families in need of nannies. The platform aims to help those who need their new born babies and mothers to be pampered and cared for by vetted nannies or care givers.

The platform provides them with professional, healthy, hardworking and sincere care givers who have been well trained to meet the needs of the families who make use of their service.

Omugwo offers it’s services to families in need of nannies to take care of new born babies and caregivers to take care of lactating mothers or the elderly. They do a thorough screening and background check of every caregiver on its platform to make sure the caregivers are who they say they are.

According to Ahiakwo, “Because the welfare of nursing mothers and their babies is why we are in business, we spend extra time and resources to give our nannies top notch training and medical screening”.

Apart from the services they offer nursing mothers and babies, the elderly can also benefit from Omugwo. On request, Omugwo sends caregivers to homes of the elderly who will engage them and take proper care of them. “We know just how important your family is to you, so we pay special attention in taking care of granny so you can focus on your everyday activities. We got this!”.

Child birth is a beautiful thing but in most cases it causes a drop in the level of productivity of the nursing mother due to maternity leaves and even after the maternity leave, nursing mothers find it difficult to combine their jobs and taking care of their babies which leads to loss in man hours for the companies they work with . Omugwo also offers corporate care to make sure that nursing mothers can focus on their jobs while omugwo takes care of the children.

Caregivers on Omugwo could step in during busy hours at work and take care of their children, based on services requested.
They also offer services for children with special needs.

Visit the website to get a qualified nanny today.

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