Kenya’s Ushahidi releases Tenfour Beta for public testing


Ushahidi has risen over the years to become on of the leading giants in data collection, analsis and mapping, achieving usage not only in Africa but globally as well.Their flagship product Ushahidi has previously been used for various applications, among them; election monitoring, crisis response, advocacy & human rights, amongst many others. THe company has established an impressive track record with Ushahidi and has now waded into newer waters.

Ushahidi, in April 2018, released the beta to TenFour, a platform designed to allow teams to check on each other in the event of an emergency. Tenfour, previously known as RollCall and Ping subsequently. “During a crisis your team will default to the communication channels that they are comfortable with and have access to: Web App, Mobile App, SMS, email and Slack. In those critical moments, it is essential you can reach everyone on your team. TenFour collects everyone’s responses so you know who is OK and who needs help,” according to the company.

The TenFour project is a collaboration between the Ushahidi team, Cisco and Knight Foundation. It targets mainly small businesses and NGO’s and currently works globally with SMS support for the US, the UK, Kenya, Canada and Ireland.