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How to recover USB drive data and tips of keeping it safe

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The USB drive, otherwise called flash drive or thumb drive, has really revolutionized the portability of data. In fact, it is the most used form of portable data storage beating DVDs and other devices by far.

However, many people that use USB drives have seen the “USB device not recognized” error on Windows computers, this and many other errors show that the drives present the risk of losing your data, but worry not, we have the perfect free data recovery software, it goes by the name Wondershare Recoverit Free.

Wondershare Recoverit has remained unchallenged at the top of the best 10 USB flash drive recovery software list for many years, and deservedly so, the solution is powerful enough to not only recover lost data, but also solve a plethora of USB drive problems. These common problems include;

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  • USB device can’t be recognized – this usually happens when you plug in a USB drive that is either is either corrupt, has incompatibility issues or when the computer BIOS hasn’t been set correctly.
  • USB drive not accessible –this usually happens when the USB drive has corrupted data or has been attacked by virus
  • Unable to safely remove a USB drive –when this happens, you get the error message that reads “problem ejecting USB mass storage device”, at this point you are advised not to unplug the drive to avoid data loss

In addition to solving the above USB related problems, Wondershare Recoverit excels at data recovery. It can recover all kinds of files including documents of all formats, all types of photo, video, music files, email and also compressed data with ZIP, RAR and many other extensions.

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Wondershare Recoverit also has the ability to recover data from other kinds of devices such as laptops, desktop computers, external hard drives, memory cards, cameras, music players, smartphones and even all Apple products.

The process is very simple; it only involves three easy steps.

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  1. Connect the USB drive to the computer and launch Wondershare Recoverit free data recovery software and select “External Devices Recovery” to access the USB drive.
  2. After USB drive is detected, click “Next”, select the desired USB drive from the list that will be presented then click “Start” to begin the scanning of recoverable data. Quick scan (for saving time) will be used initially but you can use “All –Around Recovery” to deeply and thoroughly scan for files.
  3. After scanning results are displayed, select the files that you want to restore and click “Recover” to get your data back. Easy right!

After your data is recovered, there are some measures you can take to make sure that your files in the USB drive remain safe.

Here are some tips;

  • Set write permissions on your USB drive to prevent other people from tempering with it. Simply right click on your drive, navigate to the Security tab and tap “Edit”.
  • Only plug your USB drive in computers with active and updated anti-virus software.
  • Avoid using your USB drive in publicly used computers such as those you find in Cyber cafes or public libraries.
  • Format your USB drive when you want to delete all data in it and make sure to scan it for errors routinely.
  • You can encrypt your USB drive so that it asks for a password whenever one tries to access the data in it.


So hurry and get yourself a copy of the Wondershare Recoverit Free data recovery software, as the name suggests, you download free of charge. The company also throws in a whole 100MB recovery data amount limit for you to use when exploring the software features mentioned above.


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