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Nokia 7 Plus Review: Flagship performance, midrange price

HMD took their time before releasing their first full screen device, but it was well worth the wait. The Nokia 7 Plus marks the first device from the company to rock the new display trend but, as you will see through-out the review, the device brings many other “firsts” in a package that has top notch quality, but a midrange price tag.


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The new full screen display has both usability and design value. HMD went further to enhance the design by utilizing two colors on the paint job. The black model has copper gold elements surrounding the frame, buttons, Nokia logo, fingerprint and the camera ring. It makes the device stand out from the sea of black phones out there. The construction has also been made strong and durable, true to the Nokia build quality that we have come to know and love, this durability is thanks to the aircraft grade aluminum construction that is tough but light.

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Just as you would expect from a full screen device, a huge display real estate has been fitted in a compact body size thanks to the small bezels. The Full HD (1080p) 6 inch display has oleophobic coating which minimizes the refelction for better viewing and reduces oily smudges too. The colors produced have natural tones without over saturation. The big screen size looks great when gaming or watching movies. Those who love to read will be happy to know that the full screen accommodates more content without needing to scroll as much, the same case applies to webpages.


HMD promised since day one that they will offer the purest android experience and they have fulfilled that on the Nokia 7 Plus. It runs on Android 8.1 that comes with no bloatware whatsoever. Under Android One program, Nokia 7 Plus will be receiving its OS and security updates straight from Google, the maker of Android, as soon as they are available to the market. This means that the upcoming Android P is a guaranteed update to all Nokia 7 Plus users.
Moreover, pure Android means that the device runs just as Google intended, silky smooth, all the time. Apps loads very fast, multitasking is a breeze and all operations simply fly. There are some new gestures baked in, for instance, sliding your finger down the fingerprint reader will drop down the notification shade, double tapping the power button will launch the camera and many others.

Here comes another first, The Nokia 7 Plus is the first device from the company to have the Snapdragon 660 octa-core CPU. This processor is a beast that easily matches the performance of last year’s top cream flagship, couple it with the pure Android Oreo and 4GB of RAM and you have yourself a real speed champ. The device handled everything we throw at it with ease, it is one of the fastest phone’s in its price category. You also get a whopping 64GB storage which you can further expand with a micro SD card.

Call performance is decent; you will be able to hear the other person through the earpiece or the loudspeaker clearly. Luckily, HMD keep the traditional 3.5mm audio jack present.
Internet connection is fast thanks to the support of LTE networks. Dual SIM versions are available for those who want more network flexibility. The Nokia 7 Plus is also among the first devices in the midrange category to come with the new Bluetooth 5.0, a feature that was only reserved to high end smartphones.


Nokia is not a stranger to dual cameras, however, the 7 Plus brings them to uncharted waters; zoom lenses. It is the first device from the company to bring a dual rear camera with 12MP (f/1.75) main shooter and 13MP (f/2.6) telephoto shooter for up to 2X zooming. The rear camera has ZEISS optics and dual LED – dual tone flash for clearer photos with natural color production.
Some of the features baked in include HDR, Live Bokeh (portrait mode), Pro mode (manual controls) and bothie, which lets you snap your friends a photo with the rear camera while also taking yourself a selfie at the same time, this way, you will no longer be left out of photos anymore. In addition, the camera takes crystal clear audio due to the Nokia OZO audio introduced in the high end Nokia 8, it utilizes the three mics on the phone to gather sound from complete 360 degrees, amazing!

In terms of quality, the images produced are well saturated (colors are vibrant), have good dynamic range (the sky remains blue not white) and details are sharp.

Low light shots have reduced noise for overall decent pictures.
The 16MP selfie camera has the same picture quality as the rear camera, only a tad shaper thanks to high megapixel count, this is a huge deal, it means that users are bound to have great photos regardless of which camera they use on this device. It squarely makes the Nokia 7 Plus a device that selfie lovers out there should put on the top of their list.

The 3800 mAh battery performed like champ. It will take you well into the second day of use without requiring you to recharge it. Speaking of, the process of filling it up takes only 30 minutes to reach over 50% thanks to Quick Charge technology via the USB Type C port.

If you are looking for a feature packed, top notch flagship grade device without breaking the bank, the Nokia 7 Plus is the best choice, at less than KES 39,000, you will be hard pressed to find another device that comes close to this one. It is definitely a recommended buy.

Beautiful design twist with black and copper gold elements
Big brilliant display in a compact body
Blazing fast software performance
Guaranteed security patches and software updates via Android One Program
Huge storage space and RAM for the price
Great photos from all the cameras
Unrivalled audio recording.
Long battery life, 2 days of normal use.

Front facing flash would make night selfies brighter

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Dennis Mathu
Dennis Mathu
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