As a Startup, clients don’t trust your ability to handle large sums of money-Founder Triple Cord Consulting



Triple Cord is one of the fast growing companies in the Information Technology world in Kenya. The company has a number of solutions for communication problems. Patience Atsango an Economist major from Kenyatta University and Edwin Oloo experienced a gap that needed to be filled in the IT communication world after working in several IT firms and decided to start a company that would seal those IT gaps in the technology would. Patience Atsango the managing director Triple Cord says for them it is all about growth and unlocking potentials in the technology world. They are driven by hard work, discipline and prayer.

Who is Patience Atsango?
I am a born again Christian, an entrepreneur and I am passionate about personal growth and bringing a difference in the business world. A second born in a family of four. Along the way I switched from being an economist to an IT expert, a digital marketer, things I enjoy doing. I also do public relations and communication. A co-founder of Triple Cord Consulting and the managing director.

Patience Atsango

As the managing director, what is your normal day like?
It is busy, I identify the markets and I work towards understanding the solutions better to be well-informed when talking to a client. I do presells as well. I also get certifications from Microsoft. I manage the operations and finance of the organization plus coming up with the marketing strategy on how to conduct business every single day for different solutions to avoid selling solutions to clients who do not need them solution.

You guys resigned from well-paying jobs to start an IT company, tell me about Triple Cord, why does it exist?
Triple Cord is an IT company that deals with solutions and IT enabled software. We have partnered with Microsoft and SAP basis support. After working with several IT firms and we realized there is potential, the IT field is not crowded meaning there are opportunities but there is no motivation. We encourage the youths not to relay on salaries and thus our mission, ‘Harnessing Potential.’

What do you guys offer to the market, who is your client?
As I said, we do Microsoft solutions. We basically deal with Microsoft Cloud enabled solutions and Licensing. Every business somehow needs an Office Solution, to manage their mailing system, communication, company – client relationships. Another Solution we deal with is Customer Relation Management – CRM. It is a sales management solution for customers right from sales to closure. We also upgrade people on Windows to the new Windows 10 from the old Windows. On Manage Engine, it is a Trouble Shooting solution. Every business with an IT team needs.

What is your greatest motivation? What keeps you going?
Basing on our mission, we are driven by the need to harness potential. We want to challenge the youth to create their own wealth and not be conformed to the salaried jobs.

Who are your biggest competitors? Entrepreneurship is challenging nowadays with everyone venturing in it and investors and customers are highly competed for?
Pause Right now our biggest competitors are Techno Brain, NICC when it comes to the Manage Engine Solution, Dimensions Data, when it comes to Cloud business we have M2M. Those are our biggest competitors right now.

What is the future of the company, five or six years later?
We want to open branches across the country to offer IT solutions and employment. We are also looking to move to other sector like training and generally expansion. We also looking to venture outside the country let’s say south and east Africa but we are still in Kenya for now.

What are some of the challenges you face as a company?
Sometimes it is hard for clients to trust your ability especially when it comes to handling large sums of money, us being a young company. As a team we have worked for famous IT firms and also consult from being IT firms and so we believe we are set for anything and trust shouldn’t be an issue

How did you guys start? How did you raise your startup capital?
We started small, from our own pockets. We started with positive minds that something good will come out of it. It takes a lot of sacrifice and determination. We did not get a loan as a much we got to a point where we needed one. A loan can be costly if not well planned for.

If you were not starting a company what would be doing at this point in time?
I’d be still be starting a company.

Anything you can tell the young people thinking of pursuing IT as a career?
I’d say it takes prayer, hard work and discipline. Find something you can do and pursue it wholeheartedly. At the end of the day you will reap after you have done it right.