African startups urged to apply for $50k impact investing challenge


African startups are strongly urged apply for the US$50,000 MBA Impact Investing Network and Training (MIINT) challenge. MIINT is an experiential lab designed to give business and graduate schools students a hands-on education in impact investing.

The MIINT competition will select the startup with the highest social, environmental and economic returns and award it US$50,000 in funding.

Participants will be required to take part in training modules around impact investing. Each module will allow students to get a hands-on experience. Teams will pitch their ideas to the judging committee comprising industry leaders for potential investment.

The competition aims to enable students to gain practical experience in impact investing while building meaningful connections. In addition, impact companies gain exposure and potential for seed investment from independent sources.

Startups looking for private investment for the first time that fit the criteria are highly encouraged to apply.