Doctors on Call Health Service App Tremendoc is Connecting Patients to Doctors in Nigeria


Tremendoc is an online application allowing patients to consult licensed doctors via chat or calls around the clock regardless of their location or area of residence.

Founded by Jay Chikezie, Tremendoc solves two problems, patients in Africa who suffer limited access to health care and doctors’ poor pay across Africa.
The company is based in Nigeria to use technology to provide basic consultations from licensed doctors. Here, the doctors are able to give healthcare services to patients in the remote areas who cannot access a hospital fast. Through the app doctors make extra money by treating patients at every time they are off duty. The doctors set their availability in the app and earn a portion of the consultation charge on each consultation made by them

Doctors in Africa are poorly paid resulting to relocation in search of better paying opportunities. This relocation cause long waiting queues at the hospitals or the use of health professionals in the place of doctors. With Tremendoc this has been solved with one mobile app, patients can now easily reach doctors and vice versa.