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App That Will Help Women In Abusive Relationships Set To Launch In Kenya


A known fact is that most women suffer in silence in abusive relationships.

Many women wonder how they will leave their abusive partners because they generally never have a plan. However, as technology evolves women have created empowering startups that will change lives. The smartphone app will help women identify if they are in an abusive relationship and it is soon going to be launched in Kenya. The app known as MyPlan was created by researchers at Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing it already has users in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand but is yet to come to Africa.

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The app would be well received as Kenya is one of the countries where partner violence is quite high.

The plan is to get into Kenya, then Ghana and then Somalia. So how exactly does it work? It is an interactive app where women will be asked a series of questions about their situation. It then gives women different options including a live chat function where a woman is given different possible choices for her situation then she can choose whichever suits her best. The app’s main purpose is also to leave women informed about abusive relationships as many women are not usually aware that they are in an abusive relationship.

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The point is to put things into perspective for women who are unable to do it themselves.

Many women in abusive relationships usually accept their fate and so do their friends and family members. They don’t think of going through countless of articles about life and love so this app would make a lot more sense for them. It’s one of the most helpful and enriching apps that Kenyan woman need to have.