Meet The South African Woman Who Provides Geospatial Data Management To Industries


When most people find a market gap the most they do is talk about it but they don’t do anything beyond that.

However, it is refreshing to know women like Andiswa Silinga, co-founder of Gemini GIS and Environmental Services. The South African woman who provides geospatial data management to industries. Her company provides data management solutions that help mining, construction, energy, and infrastructure businesses to make informed operational decisions using maps to discover trends and patterns. They use technologies such as Geographical information Systems (GIS) and Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) aka “drones” to collect accurate and near to real time location data, and then analyze and interpret the data.


In the era of data analytics companies need to have accurate information at the tip of their hands to make quick and informed decisions.

Businesses have a lot of data at their disposal but do not realize that if you add in the location component a lot of information can be extracted to give insight on what is happening in the areas they operate in, the risks they face, and what action needs to be taken. Their services are especially important for people who don’t want to make unnecessary mistakes. They help companies analyze the area by understanding environmental sensitive features which is probably what Kenyan companies also need to avoid further demolition.

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The company is also used to empower women as the team is made up of women only.

Her advice to women who want to start a business is to have a strategy and not just dive into it. She shared her secrets and mentioned that timelines really helped her achieve her goals. Writing your goals down according to Andiswa helps you track your progress and also ensuring that you surround yourself with a team that will compliment your weakest points.